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TripleX Cordura 770

Product Info

Heavy duty, high durable textile for tailoring load equipment: bags, backpacks, pouches, weapon covers.


CORDURA® is a trademark of INVISTA for durable fabrics. Tough CORDURA® fabrics are an invaluable military ally. Covering nearly everything in a soldier’s arsenal, our fabrics can be found in backpacks, ballistic vests, body armour, parachute containers, recon packs, hydration systems, knee and elbow pads. And like a dedicated soldier, CORDURA® fabrics are there for one reason and one reason only – to get the job done right. After all, there’s no room for error when you’re charged with protecting the men and women who protect the country.

Textile feature

  • 770 Cordura® FR PU FC
  • Protection against flame threats
  • NIR protection
  • Yarn Type – PA 66 T440 weft, PA 66 T440 warp
  • Yarn Size – dtex 770 weft, 770 warp
  • Weave – plain
  • Weight – 335 g/m², ISO 3801
  • Coating scrubb – 30 cycles, 3 weft, 3 warp, TL WI8.2.4-02
  • Tensile strength – 3000 N/5cm warp, 2800 N/5cm weft, ISO 5081
  • Burning behavior – 5 s (no marker sever), ISO 6941
  • Hydrostatic Head – 1500 mm, ISO 811
  • Spray test – rating 5, ISO 4920
  • Oil repellency – rating 5, AATCC 118-1992


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