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Your carrier (medium)

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Creation of Your medium weight armour carrier

Available Colors:

Size Plates
Size Cummerbund



Is to be designer of Your own medium weight armour carrier. If You have Your own set of the front and back hard armour plates, we offer You to make Your own carrier, You was dreaming about. With 3rd Alternative team all Your design wishes, features, elements we will implement in Your armour carrier. Free Yourself! You have the alternative and basis to design what You want and what You dream about!


  • Main Textile CORDURA® 770 FR/PU/FC, 335 g/m2
  • According to Your input - individual size or standard size scale
  • According to Your input - overall cut
  • According to Your input - front and back armour plate pockets design
  • According to Your input - 2M quick attach / detach buckes upper and torso sides
  • According to Your input - back and front plate pockets connection on shoulders
  • According to Your input - back and front plate pocket connection to cummerbund
  • According to Your input - shoulder regulation of the size / plates location
  • According to Your input - shoulders padding
  • According to Your input - utility loops in the shoulders both sides
  • According to Your input - cummerbund waist size regulation
  • According to Your input - cummerbund design and loading capacity
  • According to Your input - MOLLE/PALS webbing attachments 
  • According to Your input - attachment points for supplementary protectors 
  • According to Your input - connection design between front and back
  • According to Your input - closure design of abdominal part
  • According to Your input - cushion padding system
  • According to Your input - ID system
  • According to Your input - rescue evacuation handle
  • Materials and accessories combat durable, abrasion, tear resistant
  • Highly breathable, mesh textile on inner layer
  • Near infra-red protection
  • Quick-drying
  • Sweat management
  • UV protection
  • Individual maintenance label 
  • Dirt, soil, oil repelling
  • Combat durable, abrasion, tear resistant
  • Highly breathable


We are not pushing You to fill any forms. We are pushing You to share with us Your dreams only in the form You are capable to do that. We like interaction! We have great experience of providing the service. You like – Description, Sketch, Drawing, PowerPoint slides, Images send to us via E-mail, Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp. Customers often sending samples of garments, so You can use such opportunity as well. Project Responsible will guide Your wishes until the moment You say – I have my dream apparel.


You are buying via web shop "Your armour carrier (medium)" product. Within 1 working day our team will contact You via e-mail. You can also contact us immediately after You got order conformation number. We will gather from You all necessary data and in 5 working days we will send You technical drawing for approval. Next step is order realization that takes our standard 15 working days. Of course, in case of correction necessary, this is our obligation to correct anything on Your demand. 


You will design Your garment having strong technical basis of 3rd Alternative Team. The team of designer and constructor will make sure Your input stream through the process of creation with the result of product of YOUR DREAMS!


Our standard rules "Return & Complaint" applied to this service. So, You are protected in any case. Intellectual property rights of Your design garment will belong to You only.  


We are providing this on-line service with one rule from our side - we will use our main materials and accessories. For creation of "Your armour carrier (medium)" we will use following main textiles in different possible configuration into Your design. We insist on this rule because textiles are branded elite of the combat textile technology, we are using in 3rd Alternative products and offering You to develop Your dream under our service.  

CORDURA® 770 FR/PU/FC (main textile)

cordura brand your

The 770 Cordura® FR/PU/FC is base combat durable textile carrier. Protection against flame threats is standard for our carriers. 770 CORDURA® fabrics are synonymous with high durability and are the fabrics of choice in some of the world’s toughest tactical environments. With over thirty years of trusted, rugged performance, the fabrics provide durable performance for a variety of end uses, performance protective apparel. 770 CORDURA® fabrics are resistant to tears, scuffs and abrasions, so products made with the fabric provide long-lasting durability. 770 CORDURA® fabric provides rugged durable performance for a variety of end uses, mainly for combat vests. 770 CORDURA® meets military specifications for Near-Infrared (NIR) compliance. 770 CORDURA® fabric is constructed with qualifying yarns which are woven, dyed and finished in accordance with INVISTA’s approved fabric standards for the 770 CORDURA® brand. Products made with 770 CORDURA® fabric qualify for 770 CORDURA® brand hangtags and sew-in labels. Extra-tough 770 CORDURA® fabrics are an invaluable military ally. Covering nearly everything in a equipment arsenal. And like a dedicated operator, 770 CORDURA® fabrics are there for one reason and one reason only – to get the job done right. After all, there’s no room for error when you’re charged with protecting the men and women who are working in toughest environments of Eternity.


Sunday, 22 December 2019
I purchased 3rda custom ballistic vest cut to my duty soft inserts. The whole order and delivery process took about 2 weeks or so. After you send and email with your requirements, 3rda answers with detailed changes description with photos. When you approve the project, they make the vest. I asked for specific duty solutions, they incorporated everything just fine! The vest itself is very comfortable, fit perfectly with my duty inserts. The price is very affordable. Contact with seller is perfect. I highly recommend!