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Your Tactical Pants

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Creation of Your tactical pants, You dream about

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Is to be designer of Your own tactical pants, that You dream about. Our offer will make Your dream to come true. With 3rd Alternative team all Your design wishes, features, elements we will implement in Your tactical jacket. Free Yourself! You have the alternative and basis to design what You want and what You dream about!


  • Main Textile CORDURA® NYCO 50/50 Rip-Stop 210 g/m2
  • If necessary auxiliary textile Durastretch, 154 g/m2, Nylon 91%, Lycra 9%
  • Your selection of cuts and design or 3rd Alternative portfolio
  • Individual size or standard size scale
  • According to Your input - overall cut
  • According to Your inout - zones of main textile
  • According to Your input - zones of auxiliary textile
  • According to Your input - hips design
  • According to Your inout - crotch design
  • According to Your input - waist design
  • According to Your input - closure (fly) design
  • According to Your input - groin pockets
  • According to Your input - back pockets
  • According to Your input - cargo pockets
  • According to Your input - knee design
  • According to Your input - knee protection inserts pockets
  • According to Your input - shin pockets
  • According to Your input - leg end design
  • According to Your input - necessary design features
  • According to Your input - ID system
  • Individual maintenance label
  • Dirt, soil, oil repelling
  • Combat durable, abrasion, tear resistant
  • Highly breathable
  • Near infra-red (NIR) protection
  • Quick-drying
  • Sweat management
  • UV protection


We are not pushing You to fill any forms. We are pushing You to share with us Your dreams only in the form You are capable to do that. We like interaction! We have great experience of providing the service. You like – Description, Sketch, Drawing, PowerPoint slides, Images send to us via E-mail, Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp. Customers often sending samples of garments, so You can use such opportunity as well. Project Responsible will guide Your wishes until the moment You say – I have my dream apparel.


You are buying via web shop "Your tactical pants" product. Within 1 working day our team will contact You via e-mail. You can also contact us immediately after You got order conformation number. We will gather from You all necessary data and in 5 working days we will send You technical drawing for approval. Next step is order realization that takes our standard 15 working days. Of course, in case of correction necessary, this is our obligation to correct anything on Your demand. 


You will design Your garment having strong technical basis of 3rd Alternative Team. The team of designer and constructor will make sure Your input stream through the process of creation with the result of product of YOUR DREAMS!


Our standard rules "Return & Complaint" applied to this service. So, You are protected in any case. Intellectual property rights of Your design garment will belong to You only.  


We are providing this on-line service with one rule from our side - we will use our main materials and accessories. For creation of "Your tactical pants" we will use following main textiles in different possible configuration into Your design. We insist on this rule because textiles are branded elite of the combat textile technology, we are using in 3rd Alternative products and offering You to develop Your dream under our service.  

CORDURA® NYCO (main textile)


CORDURA® NYCO fabrics will stay Eternal as ultimate combat textile. There are no equivalents on the market to this patented textile. CORDURA® NYCO fabrics offer comfortable durability in tactical uniforms. Based on an intimate blend of cotton and INVISTA’s T420 nylon 6.6 fiber, CORDURA® NYCO fabrics provide exceptional abrasion resistance, comfort, and durability. Clothes made with CORDURA® NYCO fabrics are durable, stylish and always ready to work overtime under some of the toughest tactical conditions. Lightweight and strong - its what tough, stylish tactical apparel has been waiting for. CORDURA® NYCO fabrics are constructed with qualifying INVISTA yarns which are woven in accordance with INVISTA's approved fabric standards for the CORDURA® brand. CORDURA® NYCO fabric is almost 2 times more abrasion resistant than 50/50 poly/cotton blends and 4 times more abrasion resistant than 100% cotton. CORDURA® NYCO fabric is over 20% stronger than both 50/50 poly cotton and 100% cotton blends. CORDURA® NYCO fabrics aren’t just tough and protective, they’re made to feel good and keep the body comfortable. Much stronger than cotton, they offer the same air permeability. Thanks to INVISTA’s T420 fiber technology, moisture is rapidly transported away from the skin and across a greater surface area that means faster absorption and wicking. With less cotton to dry, nylon/cotton blends will dry faster than 100% cotton fabrics. CORDURA® NYCO fabrics meet US military standards of NIR protection without additional treatments. CORDURA®NYCO fabric exhibits no melt/ no drip performance when tested under vertical flame. It has higher ignition resistance than untreated 100% cotton and poly cotton. The enhanced durability of CORDURA® NYCO fabrics increases the life of the garment which reduces long term costs. Combat uniforms made with CORDURA® NYCO fabric in a light weight construction, were found to last 3 to 4 times longer than comparable 100% cotton uniforms.


Friday, 13 November 2020
Znalezienie dopasowanych bojówek na polskim rynku graniczyło z cudem ... Do czasu gdy nie natrafiłem na 3rda... Bardzo rzadko kiedy potrafią być zrobione pod indywidualne wymiary kupującego... dobry kontakt ze strony firmy, widać że nie robią tego od wczoraj.... czas realizacji zamówienia optymalny jak na konfigurację w danych obwodach.... jakość materiału nienaganna. W końcu mam spodnie których mozna używać na strzelnicy do wysokiego obuwia jak do niższego w ubiorze cywilnym ... szczerze polecam!
Monday, 03 August 2020
Finding the right pants for shooting training as a woman is not so easy. By recommendation I came across 3rd alternative, who offer this brilliant service: Design your own tactical wear. Here I ordered my pants suitable for my figure. This service is very simple: take the measurements according to the instructions, select the pants model and send it by email to 3rd alternative. Shortly afterwards the pants will be delivered by mail. The high-quality breathable material Cordura is used. From my own experience I can confirm that this material helps even in black pants to survive a training day with 32°C in the sun. Girls, if you want to have a fitting pant that goes with everything and offers the necessary freedom of movement that you need in shooting training - then choose the best - 3rd alternative.
Elke Aichernig-Handler
Wednesday, 04 December 2019
I'm state official, military. I was long time searching for pants, will fits me in my individual shape of my body, will comply with my demand on design features, elements and will be cost effective. Finally, I found 3rda. Customer service with individual sewing is perfect. I've got my pants and like them very much. All combat features I requested was implemented in design. Very good quality of sewing and service. I do recommend 3rda individual sewing service.
Girts Steinbergs