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BOOS – Book of Operational Sculpturing

Establishing system requirements is the beginning of developing fashionable apparel, protection and field gear. More over, system requirements is the platform of whole system quality justification in the manner of understanding by customer. Following more then 15 years experience we created our own “Book of operational sculpturing – BOOS”, where we established system requirements of our developed products.

In the chapter “Trinity of operations” we are making analysis of the three the most demanding and intelligent types of military, law enforcement and special security operations – SOF, ISTAR and HUMINT. Therefore we made operational scenarios, we are sculpturing our products for. Significant part of BOOS is making model of operational unit, we called – Critical skills operational unit (CSOU). We described CSOU Table of Organization and Equipment (TO&E) and CSOU possible assignments. So, we got understanding of tactics, we are making our products for. Chapter operational terrain, providing information about main parameters of the natural and manmade terrain, where CSOU planned to deploy. Practically, extreme weather conditions around the world, different tough natural landscapes, artificial urban infrastructure, making certain input into development process of the apparel, protection and field gear.

Chapters “Trinity of Operations”, “CSOU” and “Operational Terrain” making prequel for the Chapter “Combat Physiology”, which is core parameter, identifying how protective and life saving apparel is against extreme weather and water conditions and human body, under certain load conditions, type of terrain and performed assignment of CSOU. “Design” is what we are standing for to make apparel not only extreme protective, but also fashionable and attractive for civil casual daily wearing as well as less influent on bio-mechanics and neurodynamics of the operator, during performing mission.

Harmony of the multi-terrain camouflage is TripleX pattern our more then 7 years development. Assessment of the TripleX camouflage pattern in urban, transitional, forest and mountain terrain is described in Chapter “TripleX”. Nowadays protection against flame threats became essential. However understanding and explaining how system of apparel, protection and field gear with protection against flame threats should be developed is not presented widely in the publications. In BOOS we published technique of developing, testing and interpretation of the protection against flame threats, when we are sculpturing our products. BOOS is the first commercial publication world wide, when apparel brand, explaining way how products are developed based on system requirements.   

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