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Half Coat

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Wool & Polartec® Alpha® coat duty tactical

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Stylish design short length coat for cold environment in any king covered, uncovered military, law enforcement, security services, where more active action movement are required in particular operation. Polartec® Alpha® was originally developed for the U.S. Special Forces when they required a more advanced insulating material in their combat uniforms. This fabric is a new technology with active insulation that regulates core body temperatures during both dynamic and static activities. This latest advancement in adaptable breathability helps eliminate the need of shedding or adding layers while on the move. Perfect textile references and modern stylish design appearance making jacket an effective and attractive for civil casual wearing. The Ultimate POLARTEC® keeping You warm, dry and active capable, no matter where You are going to stay in this Eternity. Adjusting or completely shedding layers to release excess heat and moisture vapor is not always a viable option during activities. Pit-zips and vents have traditionally helped to balance airflow and warmth in micro-climates, but they leave surface areas exposed to the elements in the process. Polartec® Alpha® is the first high performance fabric to materialize the concept of active insulation. By placing patented low density fibers between air permeable woven layers we created a more efficient fabric for regulating warmth and transferring moisture. This advancement increases thermal adaptability in changing conditions and different phases of physical activity. Polartec® Alpha® is a highly compressible fabric, easily layering with other materials and storable in small spaces. A stable core of lofted knit fibers prevents fiber migration to keep a uniform consistency, even after heavy wear and repeated laundering. By keeping moisture vapor moving freely through the fabric it increases overall air exchange and drastically speeds up dry times. This reduces discomfort from saturation and prevents it from turning into a sponge. Additional durable water repellency in the outer woven layers give Polartec® Alpha® the trusted ability to perform in the most challenging of environments.


Polartec® Alpha®


  • Outer shell wool (at least 85%) blend
  • Polartec®Alpha 120 insulation, 119 g/m², 100% polyester
  • Oeko-Tex, BlueSign certified against harmful substances
  • Recycling 100%
  • Hood permanently attached, cut-in with shoulder upper
  • Upper torso cut-in zippered pockets both sides
  • Extended cuffs with thumb and watch holes
  • Classic button main closure
  • Zippered internal layer closure
  • Dirt, soil, oil repelling
  • Combat durable, abrasion, tear resistant
  • Highly breathable
  • Near infra-red protection
  • Quick-drying
  • Sweat management
  • UV protection

SIZE CHART: Fits true to size

Care&Maintenance: Dry clean; Iron as synthetics


Friday, 09 November 2018
I'm civil now. Ex military. Have daily business - office, vehicle, business trips. I was always distant from coats as a garment type. However this Half coat made me wearing it on daily basics. I made this based on individual size request. Feel risky, but Customer service giving trust feeling and very communicative in order to make custom size with remote input. Impression is made harmony of classic look of the coat and free style of the hooded jackets, making general good street look, I like very much. Very comfort during vehicle driving, what I'm doing a lot on daily basis. Chest pockets are with optimums capacity and zippered for safe carrying of items. Polartec combat interlining insulator, giving high added value, worth to spend money on. Polartec cuffs in design of open gloves keeping arms warm during short staying in cold environment. I do recommend this coat and individual size making.