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Tactical blanket

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Polartec® Alpha® dual performance blanket

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Great item for rest and recovery during any king military, law enforcement, special security field operations. Stand alone or liner use in conjunction with poncho by connection with cords. Polartec® Alpha® was originally developed for the U.S. Special Forces when they required a more advanced insulating material in their combat uniforms. This fabric is a new technology with active insulation that regulates core body temperatures during both dynamic and static activities. This latest advancement in adaptable breathability helps eliminate the need of shedding or adding layers while on the move. Perfect textile references and modern stylish design appearance making blanket an effective and attractive for civil outdoor using. The Ultimate POLARTEC® keeping You warm, dry and active capable, no matter where You are going to stay in this Eternity. Adjusting or completely shedding layers to release excess heat and moisture vapor is not always a viable option during activities. Pit-zips and vents have traditionally helped to balance airflow and warmth in micro-climates, but they leave surface areas exposed to the elements in the process. Polartec® Alpha® is the first high performance fabric to materialize the concept of active insulation. By placing patented low density fibers between air permeable woven layers we created a more efficient fabric for regulating warmth and transferring moisture. This advancement increases thermal adaptability in changing conditions and different phases of physical activity. Polartec® Alpha® is a highly compressible fabric, easily layering with other materials and storable in small spaces. A stable core of lofted knit fibers prevents fiber migration to keep a uniform consistency, even after heavy wear and repeated laundering. By keeping moisture vapor moving freely through the fabric it increases overall air exchange and drastically speeds up dry times. This reduces discomfort from saturation and prevents it from turning into a sponge. Additional durable water repellency in the outer woven layers give Polartec® Alpha® the trusted ability to perform in the most challenging of environments.




  • Polartec®Alpha 80 insulation, 88 g/m², 100% polyester
  • Oeko-Tex, BlueSign certified against harmful substances
  • Recycling 55%
  • 8× double 25 cm para-cords around perimeter
  • One way durable zipper to close parts for sleeping bag mode  
  • 145 × 210 cm (± 5 cm), when fully open
  • Custom size available
  • High packability level
  • Durable and breathable Nylon outer and inner shell
  • Antibacterial and odor resistant
  • Dirt and oil repelling
  • Durable and abrasion resistant
  • Highly breathable
  • Near infra-red protection
  • Quick-drying
  • Sweat management
  • UV protection

Care&Maitenance: Machine wash cold; Tumble dry low; Do not bleach; Do not dry clean; Iron as synthetics 


Tuesday, 16 July 2019
Basically a woobie version. Weights about 750gr so can be taken in backpack to position so warm during wait, or just as a after-sauna blanket. Starting from +10C evenings can be used as a sleeping bag. Very satisfied
Rustam Babajev