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Development of the multi-terrain pattern is always compromise of finding appropriate solution of the camouflage provide adequate concealment of the operators on the background of the certain terrain. Even more complex task, is to develop pattern which will provide sustainable concealment on the different distances within certain type of the terrain and will not become one-color spot, which is easy to target.

In most cases natural terrain is not one-color spot perfectly comparable with pattern. Terrain is seasonally and daily changeable, which making development of the pattern even more complex. TRIPLEX multi-terrain camouflage pattern is developed based on our 7 years research, taking into consideration above mentioned basics. Our goal was to make unique pattern, providing three operational terrains – forest, urban, mountain, as well as covering transitional terrain in between.

Main effort was camouflage colour and contrast that helps our camouflage blend in forest areas and mountainous terrain. Pattern element as we call it TIPLEX is based on Euclid geometrical element that allows shape it in different irregular forms and build a pattern that has horizontal and vertical lines as much as in nature or urban environment at the same time keeps it DIGITAL and has ability to converge with surrounding elements and light.

Since the effect of pattern of camouflage is gained at distances 50 m and above, main focus is on right colours of pattern element. Not only has each colour dictated camouflage, but also what colour they make when mixed in pattern. TRIPLEX camouflage tone gives

triplex forest 2023TripleX
in FOREST terrain

Main element is the camouflage greenish background that has greyish colouring and gives most effective bland in effect in wooden areas as in leaf tree areas and in conifer tree areas. Dense forests or sparse forests. One of the basis of camouflage is the tone from wild animal fur that comes out at autumn season and with greyish colour is most optimal spectrum for concealment. To get most effect in different forest areas the TRIPLEX element is added and the focus is on element size ratio. Grey and brown elements provide camouflage with grate blending at autumn summer and spring seasons. TRIPLEX elements are placed as so to give camouflage pattern a “digital” blur at the same time, in close distance make horizontal and vertical lines that are distinctive in nature. We reduced possibility that elements together make spots or standing shadow effect that are not distinctive for environment.

in URBAN terrain

triplex urban 2023

We describe urban terrain as built up area with small or no vegetation where dominant background colour tones are based on cultural area and traditions, but most focus is on grey scale colours based on concrete utilizing for building means. As one of the factors is post-strike or destructed infrastructures where grey colour tone for background is most recognizable. Urban terrain has light and shadow contrast zones in close distances. Where light can reflect from background and shadowing can hide contrast colours if not at the same time then in short time line. We do not position Triplex as special urban camouflage but Triplex pattern is designed to provide concealment and not be contrastive on urban terrain background.

In urban terrain Triplex camouflage effect is gained with overall base tone of Triplex camouflage. Light coloured elements are meant to make pixeling effect with main goal for Triplex not to become as one tone silhouette in shadowed areas or dark spots of area. Based on light intensity during day time or moonlight effect on urban surface Triplex stays effective providing necessary concealment. User must utilize Triplex camouflage with understanding of art of concealment. It is suggested that any part of user’s gear must be in Triplex camouflage pattern.

TripleXtriplex mountain 2023
in MOUNTAIN terrain

With approximately 38% of the world's landmass classified as mountains, the Army must be prepared to deter conflict, resist coercion, and defeat aggression in mountains as in other areas. Mountains exist in almost every country in the world and almost every war has included some type of mountain operations. This pattern will not change; therefore, soldiers will fight in mountainous terrain in future conflicts. Although mountain operations have not changed, several advancements in equipment and transportation have increased the soldiers’ capabilities. The identification and proper use of the cover and concealment provided by mountainous terrain are fundamental to all aspects of mountain operations. Mountainous terrain is where urban spectrum mixes with forest spectrum depending on types of rock and forests. That is why TRIPLEX can provide concealment and blurring with surrounding in Dolomites Mountains, high altitude mountain terrain or at the bases of mountains with vegetation or at the highlands.


We describe transitional terrain as part of any landscape where one type of environment changes in another and area between is with low vegetation and wide field of view. In general, we can describe it as steppe in any areal dimensions and sizes. Biggest challenge is horizon line as contrast background and one colour tone ground level where basic camouflage means in several conditions doesn’t work. Flat area is fully lightened with sunlight or darkened with cloud shadow or from sundown. With that said we must understand that only camouflage colour or pattern can’t make 100% effect. User must utilize skill set for concealment.

Triplex design was made to be utilized in this type environment with maximum effort on colour tone and pattern. At several situations and weather conditions Triplex guaranties capabilities of staying concealed from human eye and areal on top surveillance. This is gained mostly by staying out of human eye central vision with colour and pattern and being less acceptable for human eye central vision with overall pattern and colour mix spectrum.

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