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3rda PC ROC LE

282,90 €
Total discount:

Increased front load, High speed, direct actions ...


196,80 €
Total discount:

Core load, high speed, dynamic direct actions ...

Hybrid Vest System (HVS) FR

HVS is made based on requests for universal fast adaptable ...

Standard (STD) chassis

STD chassis is the main frame of the connecting HVS ...

Quick release (QRS) chassis

QRS chassis is the main frame of the connecting HVS ...

1×plate carrier (1×PC)

One front plate carrier 

Available Colors:

1×plate carrier, enhanced (1×PCE)

One front plate carrier, with additional load ...

3×plate carrier (3×PC)

Carrier for one front plate and two sides ...

Chest Rig (CR)

Chest rig platform 

Available Colors:

Vest Rig (VR)

Two parts vest type platform 

Available ...

Elastic cummerbund (EC)

Elastic cummerbund 

Available Colors:

Load cummerbund (LC)

Load cummerbund 

Available Colors:

Patrol belt (PB)

Patrol belt to carry load on the hips

Available ...

Patrol belt suspenders (PBS)

Suspenders to ergonomically relocate load on patrol belt ...

Low profile armor carrier (LPAC)

Two armor plates (front and back) and soft armor panels ...

Upper arms armor carrier (UPAC) – pair

Covers for ballistics soft panels and hard plates both ...

Neck armor carrier (NAC)

Cover for neck soft ballistics panel 

Available ...

Groin armor carrier (GAC)

Cover for soft groin ballistics panel 

Available ...

Seizure Bag

92,25 €
Total discount:

Grab back for combat applications and daily ...

HUMINT Satchel 1.0

79,95 €
Total discount:

Grab bag for HUMINT types of operations and daily casual ...

HUMINT Satchel 0.5

92,25 €
Total discount:

Compact version of HUMINT satchel 1.0 

Available ...

Waist Bag Potent

55,35 €
Total discount:

Tactical waist bag

Available Colors:

Weapon Bag System (WBS)

184,50 €
Total discount:

Weapon storage and transportation bag 

Available ...

Duffle Bag

73,80 €
Total discount:

Classical Duffle bag with advanced ...

Transportation Bag

128,60 €
Total discount:

Equipment transportation bag 

Available ...

Deploy Bag

369,00 €
Total discount:

Equipment transportation bag for ...

Main Back Pack

381,30 €
Total discount:

Main backpack for wide range of tactical ...

Shooter Pack 3day/assault

172,20 €
Total discount:

Backpack for operators/shooters

Available ...