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D3O® P7 knee pads (pair)

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Increased protection knee inserts for urban terrain

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The P7 protectors combined with a hard shell for added protection offer increased protection, superior flexibility and integration. Ideal for use in urban terrain. D3O® protects in the harshest of environments. From body protection for US Special Forces to blunt trauma impact protection for riot police, D3O offers head to toe solutions for defence, law enforcement and emergency services. D3O® technologies are recognised and trusted by global organisations including US Department of Defense (PEO Soldier), UK Ministry of Defence and French Gendarmerie to deliver the most comfortable, flexible, lightweight, highest performing protection. Delivering the most flexible and discreet protection on the market, it consistently outperforms traditional foam-based materials. They perform well across a wide range of temperatures and are field-tested by soldiers and specialist units in combat, making them ideal for the defence and PPE market in particular. D3O® uses patented, patent-pending and proprietary technologies to make rate-sensitive, soft, flexible materials with high shock absorbing properties. Based on non-Newtonian principles, in its raw form, the material’s molecules flow freely, allowing it to be soft and flexible, but on impact, lock together to dissipate impact energy and reduce transmitted force.



  • Features D3O® patented technology
  • REACH compliant
  • Materials and accessories combat durable, abrasion, tear resistant
  • Temperature stable
  • Near infra-red protection
  • Quick-drying
  • UV protection
  • Weight 85.6 g
  • Thickness 8 mm
  • Dimensions 143 mm x 227 mm x 51 mm
  • EN ISO 15025:2002 requirements, limited flame spread, surface ignition
  • ISO 4649:2010 despite no pass/fail requirements
  • ISO 20345:2011 meet when compared
  • DTS015 test methode (designed to replicate EN 863) with LP2 knee sample included
  • EN 14404:2010 penetration lavel 1

Care&Maitenance: D3O® protectors are wipe-clean only, using a damp cloth; Do not bleach; Do not dry clean; Do not wash


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