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Jacket Direct Action FR

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Version of Jacket Direct Action model made from textile providing protection against flame threats

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Designed for quick in-and-out Direct Action operations where speed, lightweight and durability is key factor. Operations are normally short-duration with a limited scope requiring an unit to infiltrate a denied area, attack a target, and conduct a preplanned exfiltration. All basic needs included enhanced amount of pockets, ID Velour. Tailored from combat proven extreme durable Europrotect FR textile with permanent protection against flame threats and Polartec® Power Dry® FR with protection against flame threats. Europrotect FR textile is mixed in blend of Viscose FR, Meta Aramide, Polyamide, Antistatic yarns, providing permanent protection against flame threats as well good breathability. Rip-Stop reinforcement making composition extremely durable. Europrotect FR giving to the apparel extremely durability, high breathability and permanent protection against flame threats. Knitted elastics armpits tailored from Polartec®Power Dry® FR providing outstanding freedom of movements and moisture wicking. Polartec® Power Dry® FR was created to give flame resistant base fabrics greater efficiency and more dependable wicking properties. Chemical fabric treatments can only provide temporary wicking because the ability fades and weakens with every wash. By Polartec® designing patented mechanical wicking properties into bi-component construction invented a superior base material that pulls moisture from the skin, expands for faster evaporation and lasts the life of the fabric. For warm weather stylish jacket, with requirements of protection against flame threats, Polartec® Power Dry® FR is ideal solution. Perfect textile reference, modern and dominant appearance making jacket effective and attractive for civil casual wearing. The Ultimate POLARTEC® keeping You dry and active capable, no matter where You are going to stay in this Eternity.


  • Main textile Rip-Stop 59%ViscoseFR, 29%MetaAramid, 10%Polyamid, 2% Antistatic
  • Protection against flame threats, index 3 according to ISO 14116
  • Protection against flame threats, HTI (12) not less than 4.8 / HTI (24) not less than 6.5 according to ISO 9151
  • Protection against flame threats, 20 s on specimen surface / 20 s on specimen edge according to ISO 6940
  • Armpit textile Polartec® Power Dry® FR 66% Modacrylic, 29% Rayon, 5% Spandex
  • Protection against flame threats, index 3 according to ISO 14116
  • Protection against flame threats, HTI (12) not less than 4.6 / HTI (24) not less than 6.4 according to ISO 9151
  • Zippers are protected against flame threats
  • Velour are protected against flame threats
  • Threads are protected against flame threats
  • 3D SOF Bio-mechanical cut shoulders
  • 3D SOF Bio-mechanical cut armpits
  • 3D SOF Bio-mechanical cut length
  • 3D SOF Bio-mechanical cut waist
  • 3D SOF Bio-mechanical cut torso
  • 3D SOF Bio-mechanical cut back
  • 3D SOF Bio-mechanical cut arms
  • Open standing, not irritating collar, not velcro closure
  • Chest cut-in zippered pockets for use under armour elements
  • Upper arms pockets on velcro under flap both sides
  • Upper arms pockets are angled for combat use
  • Breathable 3-way stretch textile in armpit
  • Anatomically 3D articulated elbows
  • Lower arm cut-in zippered pocket on both sleeves
  • Classic button main closure
  • Velcro cuff closure
  • Space for internal 3D mesh insert
  • Space for internal insert D3O® elbow pads
  • ID velour chest, upper arms
  • ID NIR 1×1 inch velour upper arms and upper back
  • Dirt, soil, oil repelling
  • Combat durable, abrasion, tear resistant
  • Highly breathable
  • Near infra-red protection
  • Quick-drying
  • Sweat management
  • UV protection

SIZE CHART: Fits true to size;

Available colours: TripleX, Blue, Green, Brown, Black

Care: Machine wash cold; Tumble dry low; Do not bleach; Do not dry clean; Iron as synthetics


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