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softshell jacket police, tactical, outdoorsoftshell jacket police, tactical, outdoor

Jacket softshell #iamthelaw

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1. OPTIONS to chose, when ordering, put in comments, if You need:
Free of charge - ID thermal transfer
Free of charge - ID reflective panels and patches
Free of charge - ID velcros, customization
Free of charge - Mic loops, hidden integration

2. What is waiting You in the set:
Neck gaiter
Key holder, long
Paracord, 1 m
3rd Alternative logo patch
#iamthelaw logo patch
Storage sack

3. Jacket softshell - What We made for You:
Community of first responders is big, including federal and local level law enforcement agencies and units, EMS technicians, paramedics and rescuers. We made our softshell jacket capable to secure needs of first responders during operations in inclement weather conditions. However, We kept in mind wish of all citizens, who is trying to find on the market attractive softshell jacket for casual daily outdoors routines, business activities, travels and hiking. Law enforcement daily tasks are the mix of dynamic force entry operations, static administrative routines, crime scene procedures, investigations, foot and vehicle patrols. Law enforcement officer daily should look very good and professional, representing the law. The daily tasks of EMS technicians, paramedics and rescuers are very close to law enforcement in some aspects even more tough. Jacket has comfort cut for better fit of the underlayers apparel, armour vest and gear, first responder could use during the mission. We chose Polartec® Power Shield® Pro as the main textile system. That gives ideal balance between inclement weather protection and personal comfort during agile activities and calmer conditions, keeping You warm in cold environment. It has enhanced abrasion resistant characteristics, ability to stretch and recover for a full range of motion during tactical endeavors. Tactical purpose of the jacket requires increased demands for the linning. Jacket are often is used over the armor vest, different apparel underlayers, as well as guns and gear located on the duty belt. Linning is place of the jacket internal pockets, which can hold different gear and personal belongings with hard edges potentially could destroy linning in longer use. Linning textile We use in meshes of the all pockets in our jacket. Therefore we chose CORDURA® NYCO tactical lightweight fabric as a linning which is tough and protective, and its made to feel good and keep the body comfortable. Much stronger than cotton, they offer the same air permeability. Tactical assignments or business casual activities made us to rethink system of pockets and utility openings in the jacket. Jacket has 7 (seven) stylish different capacity outer pockets with zippered or velcro closure, 4 (four) internal pockets in style of business suit, as well as 2 (two) "gun" zippered openings for under gear access each side. Prolonged cuffs with thumb holes, preventing chilling of the arms. Laser cut vents in armpits helping to remove possible excessive overheat during tactical activities. We add backup beanie and neck gaiter from our base line into the set of the jacket in order to give operator capability to protect his head and neck against cold weather conditions. Key holder long, has MIL grade hardware metal D-ring and carabiner, is the "nice-to-have" gadget, We add to the set as well. In case You need to fasten Your gear to the loops in torso pockets We didn't forget to add 1 m of MIL grade paracord to set of the jacket. There are several options of customization available on request of client. For example mic loops integration with possibility to hide loops into jacket. On delivering Your Jacket will be packed into storage sack, what You can use for other Your daily activities as well. Thank You for reading, don't hesistate to use gift coupon when You are buying - discount code: ERIC

4. Polartec® Power Shield® Pro textile system - What You should know:
Polartec® Power Shield® Pro is the main textile system We applied in our softshell jacket. Polartec® Power Shield® Pro has three layer system consisting of face, back and functional layer between them. Designed to enhance the strength and performance abilities of Polartec® original softshell technology even further. By reengineering the dense knit multi-component fabric Polartec® developed an even stronger balance between warmth and breathability while drastically increasing the inherent ability to repel water. This reinforced adaptable protective fabric has raised the overall performance benchmark of soft shells to higher levels. Polartec® Power Shield® Pro is where our jacket is rise its unique capability to provide comfort of operator during wide range of weather demeanor. The Ultimate POLARTEC® keeping You dry and warm, no matter where You are going to stay in this Eternity. Shell fabrics were once the world standard for protection from rain, snow, wind and abrasion. They provided the reliable shelter needed in inclement weather, but lacked the versatility to stay comfortable in calmer conditions. Polartec® Power Shield® Pro was developed to build upon the success of our original design and find an even greater balance between weather resistance and personal comfort. By integrating an advanced micro-porous membrane between a more durable weather repelling exterior we created a more resilient and breathable fabric. Bolstering the ability to block wind and water was more efficiently integrated with a reliable surface technology that allows breathability during any activity. The stiff structure of traditional hard shells not only make them uncomfortable, but cause excessive noise from friction during movement. The inherently soft and pliable construction of Polartec® Power Shield® Pro allow it to easily drape and fit to any underlying form without restricting movement or flexibility. Providing a relaxed, yet resiliently strong fabric core provides the ability to stretch and recover for a full range of motion during athletic endeavors and agile activities. By enhancing abrasion resistant characteristics we raised the benchmark for protective materials. To this day, Polartec® Power Shield® Pro remains at the height of high performance soft shell fabrics.

5. CORDURA® NYCO textile system - What You should know:
CORDURA® NYCO fabrics will stay Eternal as ultimate combat textile, has US Army development origin, standard MIL-DTL-44436B, with direct application to combat clothing. There was a need to develop textile, making combat apparel less bulky, more breathable, extreme combat durable long term. This is how CORDURA® NYCO fabrics was risen. Based on an intimate blend of cotton and INVISTA’s T420 nylon 6.6 fiber, CORDURA® NYCO fabrics provide exceptional abrasion resistance, comfort, mechanical durability. Clothes made with CORDURA® NYCO fabrics are durable, stylish and always ready to work overtime under some of the toughest combat conditions. Lightweight and strong - its what tough, stylish clothing has been waiting for. CORDURA® NYCO fabrics are constructed with qualifying INVISTA yarns which are woven in accordance with INVISTA's approved fabric standards for the CORDURA® brand. CORDURA® NYCO fabric is almost 2 times more abrasion resistant than 50/50 poly/cotton blends and 4 times more abrasion resistant than 100% cotton. CORDURA® NYCO fabric is over 20% stronger than both 50/50 poly cotton and 100% cotton blends. CORDURA® NYCO fabrics aren’t just tough and protective, they’re made to feel good and keep the body comfortable. Much stronger than cotton, they offer the same air permeability. Thanks to INVISTA’s T420 fiber technology, moisture is rapidly transported away from the skin and across a greater surface area that means faster absorption and wicking. With less cotton to dry, nylon/cotton blends will dry faster than 100% cotton fabrics. CORDURA® NYCO fabrics meet US military standards of NIR protection without additional treatments. CORDURA®NYCO fabric exhibits no melt/ no drip performance when tested under vertical flame. It has higher ignition resistance than untreated 100% cotton and poly cotton. The enhanced durability of CORDURA® NYCO fabrics increases the life of the garment which reduces long term costs. Combat uniforms made with CORDURA® NYCO fabric in a light weight construction, were found to last 3 to 4 times longer than comparable 100% cotton uniforms.

Jacket features:
Comfort cut for better fit of underlayers, vest and gear
All zippers are moisture resistant
Main Textile - Polartec® Power Shield® Pro, 200 g/m2  
Lining - CORDURA® NYCO 50/50 Rip-Stop, 170 g/m2
Zippered main closure, has two-way opening
Laser cut vents armpits to remove excessive overheat
3D SOF Bio-mechanical design cut
High collar, has velour skin sensitive lining  
x1 chest pocket, left, velcro closure, capacity 8x12 cm
x1 chest pocket, right, velcro closure, capacity 12x15 cm
x2 torso pockets, zipper closure, 16x25 cm
x2 upper arms pockets, zipper closure, capacity 14x18 cm
x1 lower arm pocket, left, velcro closure, capacity 10x11 cm
Inner x1 open pocket, left top, capacity 13x15 cm
Inner x1 open pocket, left middle, capacity 5x12 cm
Inner x1 open pocket, left bottom, capacity 9x12 cm
Inner x1 open pocket, right top, capacity 13x15 cm  
Side "gun" openings, both sides, for gear access, zipper lenght 25 cm
Side "gun" openings has velcro strap bottom closure
Torso pockets have internal loops for gear fastening
Elastic wristband has velcro closure with reinforced flap
Extended cuffs with thumb holes
Hanger for jacket hanging
Dirt, soil, oil repelling
Combat durable, abrasion, tear resistant
Highly breathable
Near infra-red protection
Sweat management
UV protection

Size chart
Fits true to size

Machine wash cold;
Tumble dry low;
Do not bleach;
Do not dry clean;
Iron as synthetics


Sunday, 10 September 2023
I ordered individual size and its perfectly made for Me. Thank You guys. I do recommend the 3rd Alternative.