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Jacket Potent

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SMOCK multi role jacket for wide spectrum of military, law enforcement and special security services

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Multi role jacket especially designed to satisfy wide range of operator’s needs during the mission of military, law enforcement and special security services where durability, weather protection, increased loading capacity and concealment is key factor for long distance, long term operations. All features are made to meet static operation needs in most difficult terrain. Increased loading capacity, weather protection and concealment capacity. ailored from combat proven extreme durable CORDURA® NYCO fabrics, will stay Eternal as ultimate combat textile. CORDURA® NYCO fabrics offer comfortable durability in military uniforms, workwear, and casual clothing. Based on an intimate blend of cotton and INVISTA’s T420 nylon 6.6 fiber, CORDURA® NYCO fabrics provide exceptional abrasion resistance, comfort, and durability. Clothes made with CORDURA® NYCO fabrics are durable, stylish and always ready to work overtime under some of the toughest workplace conditions. Lightweight and strong - its what tough, stylish clothing has been waiting for. CORDURA® NYCO fabrics are constructed with qualifying INVISTA yarns which are woven in accordance with INVISTA's approved fabric standards for the CORDURA® brand. CORDURA® NYCO fabric is almost 2 times more abrasion   resistant than 50/50 poly/cotton blends and 4 times more abrasion resistant than 100% cotton. CORDURA® NYCO fabric is over 20% stronger than both 50/50 poly cotton and 100% cotton blends. CORDURA® NYCO fabrics aren’t just tough and protective, they’re made to feel good and keep the body comfortable. Much stronger than cotton, they offer the same air permeability. Thanks to INVISTA’s T420 fiber technology, moisture is rapidly transported away from the skin and across a greater surface area that means faster absorption and wicking. With less cotton to dry, nylon/cotton blends will dry faster than 100% cotton fabrics. CORDURA® NYCO fabrics meet US military standards of NIR protection without additional treatments. CORDURA®NYCO fabric exhibits no melt/ no drip performance when tested under vertical flame. It has higher ignition resistance than untreated 100% cotton and poly cotton. The enhanced durability of CORDURA® NYCO fabrics increases the life of the garment which reduces long term costs. Combat uniforms made with CORDURA® NYCO fabric in a light weight construction, were found to last 3 to 4 times longer than comparable 100% cotton uniforms. 


NYCO 50/50 Rip-Stop


  • Main textile NYCO 50/50 Rip-Stop
  • 3D SOF Bio-mechanical cut shoulders
  • 3D SOF Bio-mechanical cut armpits
  • 3D SOF Bio-mechanical cut length
  • 3D SOF Bio-mechanical cut waist
  • 3D SOF Bio-mechanical cut torso
  • 3D SOF Bio-mechanical cut back
  • 3D SOF Bio-mechanical cut arms
  • Hood, regulated, helmet compatible
  • Detachable multi purpose net/face cover, integrated into hood
  • Chest cut-in zippered pockets for use under armour elements
  • Chest utility meshed pocket, buttons under flap
  • Chest central meshed utility pocket, hidden zipper under flap
  • Torso utility front pockets (weaponry holders) buttons under flap
  • Torso utility side pockets buttons under flap
  • Lower back utility pocket, buttons closure under flap
  • Upper back utility pocket, buttons closure under flap
  • Upper arms cut-in pockets on zipper both sides
  • Waist internal loops for the up to 45 mm belt
  • Waist internal size regulation by tightener
  • Lower part size regulation by tightener
  • Armpit ventilation two-ways zippered meshed openings
  • Anatomically 3D articulated elbows
  • Lower arm cut-in zippered pocket on both sleeves
  • Central zippered and button closure under flap
  • Sleeve cuff with elastic woven cord
  • Space for internal insert 3D mesh insert
  • Space for internal insert D3O® elbow pads
  • ID velour chest, upper arms
  • ID NIR 1×1 inch velour upper arms and upper back
  • Dirt, soil, oil repelling
  • Combat durable, abrasion, tear resistant
  • Highly breathable
  • Near infra-red protection
  • Quick-drying
  • Sweat management
  • UV protection

SIZE CHART: Fits true to size

Available colours: TripleX, Blue, Green, Brown, Black

Care: Machine wash cold; Tumble dry low; Do not bleach; Do not dry clean; Iron as Synthetics 


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